NEL Corporation takes great pride in our safety program.  We strongly believe that safety should never be sacrificed for production. Safety plays an important role in NEL Corporation’s work environment, as accidents can be prevented when safety awareness is practiced and implemented in the workplace.

Our mission is to create a safe working environment for all employees. Our goal is to have zero workplace injuries each year.

NEL Corporation achieves this mission through the implementation of our Health and Safety Program.  Highlights of this program include:

  • Detailed general and site-specific Health and Safety plans

  • Full time safety staff to administer and oversee the program

  • Safety training of all employees

  • Constant communication with employees, Subcontractors and vendors to ensure safety practices are being followed

  • Strong emphasis on hazard communication, recognition and training

  • Work to continuously improve our program

  • Weekly Toolbox Talk safety meetings

  • Provide well-maintained equipment

*ABC Step Award: Platinum*